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posted this on Aug 25, 2016


RDX aims at providing the athletes with inspiration to become leaders. Leadership is essential to RDX strategy and is developed with the help of perfection. Nothing less than perfection is tolerated as RDX believes in tough and rewarding effort towards elevated success. We pursue our goals by


We inspire the athletes worldwide with high aims and vertical growth strategies. We aim at achieving the best and equip our customers with the best gear possible to make sure they lead.


We create quality goods and incorporate the attributes of the best in what we deliver to produce what we want, that is, the confidence to lead within our fighters.

Boosting confidence

We believe in providing the fault free gear and fear free inspiration for boosting the confidence in our fighters to dominate the ring.

Consistently working

We work consistently to upgrade our strategy and utilize our best resources in providing the quality sports gear that helps promote the latest winning fighting styles.

We dedicate our best resources and consistent efforts to delivering the best, and expand our reach time to time to be able to assist the athletes worldwide.

What is RDX Privacy Policy?

RDX knows that you care how information about you is used and shared, and we appreciate your trust that we will do so carefully and sensibly. Please click here to view our Privacy Policy.

Can I use RDX Trademarks, Images or Logos for advertising?

Only RDX and its authorized resellers and distributors may use the RDX Logo in advertising, promotional, and sales materials. Such authorized parties may use the RDX Logo and images only as specified in their agreement with RDX and such use must always be in accordance with the appropriate terms that define the relationship authorized by their contract with RDX.

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