Product Reviewing

Listing Team posted this on Aug 25, 2016

How do I review RDX products?

We encourage everyone to submit product reviews for all RDX purchases. Both negative and positive product reviews are welcome and are posted to By using the product and submitting a review, you share your product experience to make any product a Customer Pick, empower fellow consumers to make informed purchase decisions and provide feedback on the products you have used.

Why hasn’t my product review been published?

We will attempt to publish all product reviews as quickly as possible. However there are certain reasons why your review may not be published.

  • While maximum reviews are moderated and published within an hour, there may rarely be delays due to volume or system updates.
  • Sometimes you cannot always see your review even after it has been published because your web page has ‘cached’ and requires a page refresh to clear it.
  • Any comments other than the product reviews will not be published.


How Many product reviews can I submit?

You may post one review for each item purchased even if the item has been returned. You cannot submit multiple reviews for a single product.

When will my Product Review be posted?

All reviews are placed into a moderation queue to ensure that they observe the CUSTOMER RATINGS AND REVIEW GUIDELINES.

What are the customer ratings and review guidelines?

When you submit a review, you agree to the following:

  • All content that you submit is accurate and focuses on specific features of the product.
  • Your submission is original and is created by you and reflects your true & honest opinion of current experience with the RDX product(s) which you are reviewing.
  •  Comments on another review on the page. This is what the “comment on this review” link is for.
  • Avoid Profanity, hate-speech, obscenities or spiteful remarks.
  • Avoid Single-word reviews. We want to know why you liked or disliked the item.
  • No Phone numbers, email addresses, URLs, advertisements or promotional material should be included in your review.

Avoid asking customer service related questions about a product in your review.

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