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posted this on Aug 25, 2016

How RDX Gloves are technologically advanced when compared to others?

Carefully engineered system, special padding, durable construction, and design makes RDX distinct from its contemporaries. Click here to check out our boxing gloves range.

What is Shell Shock Gel Padding?

The unique gel used to absorb impact and disperse the intensity proportionally to prevent impact damage. This thoroughly tested technology has its potential for high level shock dispersion and ultimate safety.

What is Quick-Ez Velcro Closure?

The high-quality hook and loop closure used in the RDX Sports products allow snug fit. Designed especially for wrist wrap function and fitting well via wrist strap.

How Leather-X technology defines the durability of RDX products?

Leather-X is the high-quality engineered Rexene leather and synthesized material to be used for maximized durability, premium quality, and ultimate experience in the RDX products. The painstakingly utilized material is endowed with the ability to provide lasting quality even when used frequently.

What is Max-Shock Foam Technology used in RDX gloves?

Max-Shock Foam Technology is the underlay foam design specializing in impact resistance. The high level shock absorption mechanism associated with this technology is beyond flaws.

How does the Impact-X Technology provide better protection?

The enhanced functionality and high efficiency modification of Dura foam is an efficient and added layer of padded protection against damage. It is engineered specially for high level support, durability, and resilience.

How comfortable and easy-to-wear is the DurEos Cloth Technology?

The stretchable DurEos cloth Technology allows high level flexibility and freedom of movement. The fabric is used in MMA shorts allow durability and breathability beyond any flaws.

What is Ezi-Flex technology?

It is the multi-directional stretchable cloth for Compression Shorts for added durability and freedom of movement. It allows lasting shine and lasting utility to the compression shorts.

What is EnDura cloth Technology?

It is the high resilience fabric for Muay Thai Shorts with enhanced utility and durability. It features premium quality, freedom of movement, and lasting comfort.

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