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Made for comfort, long-lastingness and total protection. Engineered for total hand protection, these kids boxing gloves are built exactly according to a youngster?s bone structure and hand integrity. Contain your young one?s boundless energy in a safe, productive and positive manner that satisfies their need to reign terror and fun. Curved design with hi-tech shock-absorbent padding is engineered to consolidate shock-impact with efficiency throughout the design of the glove. Meaning your child [under supervision] could go full force without having to worry about injury.

Maya Hide leather will last your child a career. While their bodies will grow, the great quality of the gloves will remain the same ? without wear to show for it
Shell Shock gel? padding and Junior Jack mold align and complement one another to soften impact and consolidate efficiently within its design ? meaning total hand protection.
Nylon ventilation mesh system evacuates heat and moisture to keep your little ones? hands as comfortable as possible
QD-1? lining to wick away moisture keeping hands dry and comfortable during training
Quick-EZ? hook-and-loop ensures a snug and comfy fit with foamed wrists for added wrist protection

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