RDX T15 Noir Black Shin Instep Guards


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Layered with ConVEX Skin Combat Leather and made with durable nylon and plastic for improved durability and endurance, these shin insteps are ideal for champs in training. Layered with Shell-Shock™ Gel and Supremo-Shock™ Foam padding, these shin guards absorb high-intensity strikes and dissipate force equally across its surface. Featuring QD-1™ lining for its sweat-wicking capabilities – to ensure shins stay hygienic – and Quick-EZ™ hook & loop closure to for snug and secure wear.( SMALL & MEDIUM SIZE RECOMMENDED FOR UP TO 14 YEARS OF AGE)


  • ConVEX Skin Combat Leather with nylon and plastic for extra sturdiness and dexterity
  • Shell Shock™ Gel for consistent shock diffusion across instep surface
  • Supremo-Shock™ Foam padding to swallow and diffuse impact
  • QD-1™ lining for sweat-wicking capabilities
  • Quick-EZ™ hook-and-loop for secure wear

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RDX T15 Noir Black Shin Instep Guards - Large



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