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For a safe, easy to use MMA kick shield, this kicking pad is made from indestructible leather will serve you well and tolerate some serious punishment. Train with confidence and let the soft gel padding provide cushioning and resistance against every kick whilst the unique ventilation gives you enhanced breathability to prevent nasty smells or discomfort. Plus the curved design and grip bars will adopt the natural shape of your hand, giving you added stability and the perfect fit. Shock absorbent MMA and kickboxing shield that is the ultimate armour for trainers and trainees looking to improve speed and accuracy.
? Resilient kick shield design exclusive to RDX? measuring 52cm long, 44cm wide and 13cm thick
? Cut from tough Maya Hide? leather for durability
? S.P.P? ventilation system to increase air flow and prevent moisture or odour build-up
? Shell Shock GEL? with integrated padding for the ultimate shock absorption
? Curved anatomic shape with grip bars for added stability when training


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