Shell Shock gel integrated padding serves as an added line of defence dissipating force through a superabsorbent polymer gel that disrupts the flow or course of vibrations caused by heavy blows equally upon the area of impact. Densely compressed padding, lined with gel and impact cushioning foams complement each other to form a highly durable, shock-absorbent constitution.


The hook and loop Velcro Closure System adds to the convenience of the fighter, especially in those solo training sessions where you may be on your own and might need a hand to close the second Velcro strap. The new and improved versions also come with padding on the wrists, extra-long strap, hook & loop and dual-strap closure systems to ensure a snug, comfortable fit while keeping wrist and hand safety in mind.


The Open Palm Design addresses multiple issues at once like high muscle tone, wrist flexion and hypermobility. The design allows a nice firm fit and a tactile input in the palm region which makes the sensory perception of the palm even better. Its high quality fabric ensures flexibility and support and just the right kind of balance for an ideal grip while keeping your hands well-ventilated and able to breathe.


The Porelle Membrane Dome Technology creates a pressure point in the gloves that breaks vibrational motion and disperses shock upon impact, distributing its force equally throughout the glove to avoid hand, knuckle and wrist injury. The membrane is placed with precision for ultimate shock absorbance and impact resistance.


The high density Supremo Shock Foam is what’s taking the MMA world by storm. It ensures protection like no other and the best part is its light weight and high impact resistant chemical bond against the roughest of blows. This extra protective inner foam adds to your punches power, glove resilience and maintains its constitution. This technology has opened a new alley of protective options for professional fighters all around the world and is a must have for aspiring fighters as well.


This small palm opening design lets you feel more in control by enhanced gripping structure with increased tactility. Strong paneling on the sides increase strength and stability for the fighter. Its extra flexible fabric ensures breathability and prevents slippage. The design supports the fingers and wrists that link the palm and create a very firm mechanism for gripping and grappling.


This D shaped palm cut is widely recognized as the best technology when it comes down to grappling your opponent in those tight corners. The flat side of the D provides extra support for your fingers to lift, push and pull heavy weights while the rounded sides offer extra room for the palm to flex and rotate the wrists in all directions. Palm design also encourages air-flow and maximum ventilation.


These strategically placed perforations are placed on the thumbs, half-fingers or palm. S.P.P treatment is also used in mesh insets that allow cool air to flow and hot air to exit from the gloves. This feature, though small in proportion, creates a mechanism that prevents harmful odour causing bacteria and ventilates moisture and sweat to ensure protection for the skin and provides the most comfort a grueling training session can offer.


The rubber like elastomeric polymer offers great flexibility along with softness without adding any bulk weight to the gloves. The high density material allows stress-crack resistance and water proof properties that add to the long life span of the product. Superior resistance to all temperatures and low density foam padding ensures years and years of pounding and punishment but with hardly any change in shape, constitution or quality of the product. Light in weight and highly shock-absorbent.


Triple layered shock-absorbent padding serves as a force-dissipating speed bump, slowing down vibrational force per each slab encountered. This reduces impact of heavy blows to a stand-still that is absorbed and resolved within the constitution of the product. Hardly any addition to the overall weight of the gloves and super effective shock resistance makes this technology an integral part of the composition and build of the gloves.


The all new super enforced Gel Polymer with multi layered foaming adds to the comfort and protection of the user like never before. Carefully designed with state of the art technology and stitching on multiple levels of top grain leather wrap to ensure ultimate performance and style on all fronts. PolyGel layers are guaranteed to achieve customer satisfaction with long lifespans and durability like no other.


The V-Tech palm design is the ultimate solution to all your gripping needs, especially in the gym. Designed with efficient moisture absorbent features, you can now say goodbye to all your gripping worries thanks to extra wrist protection. These gloves are the perfect partner for you in the gym as the palm design ensures air ventilation that prevents odour causing bacteria from thriving And to provide you with comfort during those intense workouts.


An incredible new variegated, fully dispersed Flex Gel technology maximizes an amazingly super lightweight and powerful layout that takes your skill set to a whole new level. The high density foaming integrated with perfectly laid out Flex Gel is the perfect combo for any high end Shock-absorbent equipment.


The G Palm Design maximizes protection of your hand and wrist with double microfiber material that snugly fits your hands and wicks moisture to provide the best workout experience. Extremely comfortable combination of polyester and spandex adds to the durability by resisting cracking and peeling under stressful environment.


This design not only helps in gripping but also works in building a stronger grip with your naked hands. The Grip X architecture with inner foamed padding provides the ultimate protection, coverage and results in all your boxing and fitness needs. Strategically structured mesh inserts in the palm keep the athlete cool and dry during intense workouts, allowing moisture to escape while keeping the hands comfy and fresh as possible.